About Me

My name is Luke and I am Polish passionate minecraft map maker.
I have started my adventure with map making around 2014 when i found out about "World Painter" (My primary tool) i've got fascinated about it's possibilities, after trying and failing to understand how to properly use that tool i gave up for a while.
In 2016 out of boredom i have created 1 map and it gained suprising amount of attention (Over 1000+ Downloads), i've realised my maps and abilities had potential.
I've started getting inspired by real life terrain and wanted to convert some of it into minecraft maps but make them survival friendly instead of making something look "cool but not usefull".
My maps "blew up" after big Polish Youtuber (RoxMb) made a video showcasing some of my projects (video currently has over 700.000 views), since then my average amount of downloads skyrocketed to over 4000+ per map which made me motivated even more!
If you want to contact me or have some questions enter my Contact section.