Can you make map for me for free?

I'm not making maps for individuals FOR FREE.
My fully finished projects take a long time to make and i don't have that much time.

Will you make me a map in exchange for (Mod/Admin) on my server?

If you are offering me ex."Moderator on your server", i'm not really interested.
I barelly have free time and i wouldn't even have time to play on your server.

Can you make map for me in exchange for money or promotion?

If you are content creator and would like custom map in exchange for promoting my maps.
You can contact me below in contact section and we can talk in private.
If you can make me reasonable offer depending on your needs and not lowball me like some people do ex.("Can you make a 10,000x10,000 fully custom map for 5$"),
you can contact me on my email and we can talk about your needs and what is my minimum.

Why are you charging money or want something in exchange for custom map? Are you not making maps for free?

I'm making maps for free but they are not frequent because i don't have anything for making them, i'm not earning money from them and i cannot fully focus my time on free content.
I'm human too and if i want to make a lot of maps i need to have any benefit from doing it instead of "Working couple months for free" while i could invest my time in something else.

Are you making maps only for money then?

No. I'm making maps from time to time for free when i have desire to make them and i feel like it would be good addition to my collection and people would enjoy it.
I simply make them not often because i need to focus my time on studies and earnings.

Why have you created this website instead of using PlanetMinecraft/Curse Forge?

This is the least visible form of monetization for me - Instead of using link shorteners like adfly which often show inappropriate ads.
I'm using my own website without any annoying scam pop-up ads. This website uses not annoying ads on a side like for ex. on Youtube (Google Adsense).




Planet Minecraft

Curse Forge