Wandering Isles

Custom Created Survival Map!
5000 x 5000 Blocks
This is my biggest project yet! :D
Custom ore, structure biome and cave generation system.
Added with download file High Res 1x4 block scale ratio map with dungeons and structures marked on it.
  Shader's used on screenshots: ChocapicV13 Ultra 7.1
Map compatible with: 1.14 and newer!.
Map contains many custom structures such as Custom Ocean Monument, Desert Temple, Pillager Outposts.
Due to the fact that structures are handmade mobs ex.(Guardians or Pillagers) are spawning only from spawners, do not destroy them if you want to make a farm!
Due to the way minecraft pre generates mobs there's small amount of animals on a map, that's why i included spawn eggs for some animals in dungeon chests, there's some animals on a map either way too :)
Some trees might not decay to prevent big lag spikes on some spots, flint and steel is your best friend in those moments :D
List of couple biomes located on a map:
1. Snowy Tundra
2. Pine Taiga forest
3. Taiga Forest
4. Taiga Cliffs
5. Fantasy Forest
6. Dense Forest
7. Cliffs
8. Dried Lush Forest
9. Desert
10. Badlands
11. Coral Reef
12. Jungle
13. Vulcano
14. Various types of mountains :)
15. Swamplands
You can find more screenshots on IMGUR
Feel free to leave feedback or ideas for biomes for next map :D.
All my maps are free to download and take a lot of time to make, if you want to support me you can donate HERE